Saturday, May 19, 2012


The awesome thing about body wraps is that they are fun to apply, and really work.  You can realistically lose 10 or more inches after only one weight loss body wrap, and virtually eliminate cellulite after a cellulite wrap.

Exfoliate the skin to prepare for optimum absorption of wrap.
Using a Loofah Brush, scrub upwards and outward using Pure Aloe Vera as a natural cleanser.  DO NOT USE BAR SOAP OR SOAP BODY CLEANSERS because the soapy film will impede the penetration of the natural ingredients and release of toxins.

Clay is a little messy, but if your goal is to lose inches then it is a must.  
1 Cup of bentonite or green clay
1/4 Cup Sea Salt
2 Tsp. Olive Oil
2 Cups Sea Salt
1 Tsp. Peppermint Oil
2 Cups of Spring Water
Plastic Wrap or White Sheet torn into strips about 5 inches wide and 5 feet long
Basin of warm Spring Water if you are using a sheet

Let's do it!
  1. Make sea water by mixing the sea salt in the spring water. Add the clay to make a paste. Add the olive oil and peppermint oil. When all mixed together, additional spring water may be added to get it to the proper consistency.
  2.  Place your wrapping strips in the basin of warm water unless you are using plastic wrap.
  3. Take a long, warm shower to open your pores so the wrapping solution can seep in. Leave the shower running while you apply the wrap to help keep your pores open.
  4. Apply the solution to whatever part of your body you are wrapping. Wrap in an upward direction with the strips. If you are using the sheet, you may want to wrap a second dry layer on top.

    Begin to apply the wraps to your body, starting from the ankles upwards.  Wrap slowly, making sure that the body wraps are tight, but not so tight that they hinder circulation.

Apply a robe, blanket, or wear a sauna suit.  Now, just lay down and rest for 30 minutes. Put on some relaxing music. Set your alarm clock in case you fall asleep. 
Remove the strips and shower using lukewarm water. Only shower with lukewarm water for a couple of days so your pores stay closed to allow the wrap to work.
Apply a post body wrap moisturizer to your skin after your shower or bath.  This will make your skin feel silky smooth.

Okay it's wrap. Let's top it off with a nice cold glass of COCONUT WATER
Coconut water naturally speeds up your metabolism & it gives you more energy. 

Take a very warm shower on the third day to open your pores and the accumulated toxins will be released.
If you are doing this wrap during the winter months, make sure you cover up securely because your pores will be open and you can make yourself susceptible to catching a cold.

Fat is not heavy, so you may notice only a pound or weigh loss, and then only after you have flushed your body with water.

Our bodies are God's handiwork.  Take care of yours!


  1. Look at that before and after picture, unless it makes your torso longer it does NOT work. Look at the distance of the belly button to the bra in the first picture and look how much longer it is in the after. You will only lose water weight anyway, it's a scam.

  2. This is absolutely asinine.

    Want to lose weight? Use more calories than you take in each day. It's as simple as that.

    Also, while I'm at it, there is no such thing as "targeted weight loss". In other words, ab crunches won't get you that "ripped six pack" you may or may not be wanting. Diet does that. And "diet" is a lifestyle, not something temporary.

  3. I'm gonna try it I don't see why they would lie about it they arent getting anything out of it

  4. I tried this wrap and it truly works! I did have to wrap myself twice. I was attending a friends wedding and I had a little extra bulge in my tummy area. After two applications there was a huge difference. Even my husbsnd noticed!

  5. I'm a little bit sceptical when I see Sea Salt listed twice in the ingredients. Why? Is that a typo and we should use something else or is it just a made up recipe?

  6. How to Get Rid of Water Weight Drink eight to 10 glasses of water per day. Although edema is fluid retention, drinking plenty of clear fluids, such as water, will flush out toxins and excess fluid build up. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, excess water retention can cause kidney strain, therefore flushing the kidneys with water will relieve unnecessary damage due to continuous kidney strain.

  7. I agree, can't lose anything. the ingredients aren't expensive. I'm gonna try it. I've tried everything & I'm having other issues anyway so I'm open. We shall see.

  8. I'm looking forward to the results toi had.

  9. Can't hurt to try it.

  10. it looked so great idea i will let my wife try it
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